YouTube – Castrating Kelbey

Kodey and Kelbey are castrated 12/12/12

kelbey and Kodey


Daisy is micro-chipped and has her two Hendra injections, exactly 21 days apart. She developed mild laminitis after the first injection but we aren’t sure if it was as a result of the injection. She was also given a tetanus booster which may have caused the lameness. She is recovered now.



Abbey was injured on a steel picket. The vet stitched her wound but the stitches broke open. The first photo is 3-4 weeks after the injury and granulated flesh has grown.

Abbey’s owners washed her wound out with saline and packed it with raw honey from their hives. Twice a day they pushed in as much honey as they could, just using their hands. The results, 3 months later, were amazing.
Abbey almost healed

2 thoughts on “Veterinary

    • Honey has antibacterial (bug killing) properties and has been very successful in treating stubborn infections and wounds in animals and humans for many centuries. Has to be raw honey from the hive though.

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