A day in the kitchen is like… 1000 years!

I guess God created some people somewhere to love cooking! After all, restaurants have chefs and bakeries have bakers, and those dime-a-dozen TV cooking shows are actually popular. For this little black duck, a day in the kitchen is a huge sacrificial labour of love for whoever will be the recipient of my narrow culinary skills. The food loving part of my Italian heritage passed me by completely.
At the end of a day in the kitchen, my legs ache and my fingers are stiff from preparing, cooking and cleaning up. Reminded me of the cattleman cooped up after an extended wet who said: “My eyes have had an upgrade from oval to square; my brain has gone from clear to fuzzy; my back has been transformed from straight to curved; my butt is now flat and wide; my fingers are bent and cramped; my legs have no feeling and my feet have forgotten what their purpose in life is.” Like him, I’d gladly swap time in the kitchen for any number of hours in the saddle.

And so… I was very excited to find a good use for my oven mitts the other day. They’re great for slipping over the castrating gloves when I’m switching from cutting to branding.
“With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” 2 Peter 3:8. Perhaps the day that’s like a thousand years to the Lord is one that He spent cooking!


Just joking Lord! Thank You for Your generous provision every day
and thank You that You made some people to enjoy cooking!

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