Bud the Bulldozer

budWe’re going through! Lantana. Fallen trees. Swollen creeks. Little things like that don’t stop Bud. He doesn’t back down from a challenge. Bud loves to be on the chase for cattle. He gets excited by the challenge and obstacles don’t make him quit. Being up on his back, we’re a team, and I’m thinking, ‘you can’t get through that Bud, lets find a way around.’ But it’s as though he says, ‘Yes I can, let’s go through!’ That’s why he’s nicknamed ‘Bud the Bulldozer’. Sometimes this part of the team thinks, ‘But I’m not so sure I’m going to make it under that tree or through that lantana.’ Apart from minor scratches and bruises, (on me not him!) so far so good – although I did get caught in ’wait-a-while’ once. My horse kept going from under me when I was dragged off his back by the vine! If getting to the cattle means choosing the hard track, Bud’s willing to do it. His strength and courage mean Bud usually gets his cow!

Bud keeps his eye on the cow and that’s what gets him through. He’s locked on to his goal and he’s going to get there, one way or another. Bud’s taught me that getting to where I want to go will sometimes mean choosing a difficult path instead of an easy one. If there are obstacles and challenges blocking my goals, I won’t get there by saying, ‘It’s all too hard. I can’t do it, I quit.’ I have to keep my eye on the ‘cow’, whatever my ‘cow’ (goal) may be – (and by the way, if I reach for nothing I’m sure to hit it), and sometimes, I might even have to bulldoze through in order to reach it.

I like John Wayne’s saying: Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway! Bud and I aren’t scared out there mustering, but he has sure taught me about being courageous and committed to reach my goal.

Lord, if anyone had courage and commitment and chose the difficult path, it was You. May I be like You. Amen

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