“…and find out what pleases the Lord.”
Ephesians 5:10

It’s that time again. My dog has made it through winter flea-less but now the skin is sensitive and the annoying itching has begun. I apply the flea and tick treatment and tell Bella to sit. She really doesn’t want to sit. What she wants to do is go and rub the smelly stuff off as soon as possible. Choosing to obey me rather than take off and roll furiously, I gaze into her steady eyes and see the self control there and the desire to please. And I’m challenged to be like that for Jesus. Even though I’d rather be rolling in the world’s muck sometimes, I keep sitting where He has told me to sit, choosing to obey Him instead. It’s not easy. But I know how pleased I was to have my intelligent dog exercise self control and obey me rather than indulge her natural instincts. Obedience brought pleasure both to me and to my dog. It brings pleasure to our Lord and Saviour when we obey Him wholeheartedly in spite of the pull to go our own way and to do our own thing. Every day we have the choice of obedience. Are your choices bringing pleasure to the Lord? Did you make some good choices today? WELL DONE!

Lord, You chose to go to the cross for me. How small a sacrifice it seems for me to make little daily choices that will make You happy. It’s my pleasure to bring You pleasure. Amen  

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