In the Nursery


Cows “plant” their newborn calves in long grass (which makes them very hard to find!), and leave them there while they graze. When the calf needs milk, mum comes back, fills its tummy, then goes off again. When the calf is strong enough to run with the herd, it joins the “day care” system: A couple of cows are left to watch over a whole nursery of calves, usually in a shady, protected spot. The other mums go off grazing. Later that day or the next day the mums rotate duty, which means each cow gets to graze. The babysitters are always on the look out for predators. Like human babies, calves have different cries. If a calf is under threat and bellows in fear, cows will come running from all directions. If our dogs get too close to the herd in a muster, a cow will stop moving with the herd, turn around and face a dog head on. Even when she is afraid of being bitten, she still bellows a loud warning to stay away from her calf. The natural instincts God has embedded in animals, teach us a great deal about what our heavenly Father is like. After all, He created them. God’s love is like a cow’s for its calf – it ‘always protects’ (1 Corinthians 13:7).
An unprotected calf is at the mercy of its predators, just like an unprotected child or young person is. Were you protected by those whose job it was to keep you safe?

Father, I pray for the person reading this and who may never have experienced Your wonderful love. Help them to know You as the Parent whose love always protects. Amen

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