Snakes Alive!


Seems everyone has a snake story (or two or three). Here’s one of ours…

Our 14 year old lounge suite was embarrassingly worn. We contemplated recovering it, but the expense deterred us. That was until… the heat brought in a visitor. A green snake slithered in the door, through the lounge room into the kitchen, taking up what it probably thought was comfortable lodging behind the fridge. Hubby flicked it through the hallway and outside. Not so easily evicted, the snake returned – under the lounge chair and up inside it. We carried the chair outside and did all we could think of to extricate the visitor. We sat like dummies for ages, watching and waiting. The final resort was to pull the back off the chair. Still we couldn’t get to the snake. Our reptile loving son came home and almost saved the day by grabbing its tail and pulling it out. When he dropped it, back inside and under the other lounge it went, into the Lego box. We shut the lid on it and took it out to the yard. (By now you’re probably wondering why we didn’t just kill the thing!!) Immediately it made a beeline for the laundry, under the freezer and into the motor compartment. This snake was determined to be an indoor dweller! Eventually we wrenched it out and put it in a tree (not far enough from the house for my liking). The drama lasted over three hours.

After that, we had our chairs reupholstered! An upholsterer, advertised in the local paper, turned out to be a Christian. “It’s just like the Lord to give me a job through a serpent!” he said.


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