Cowboy Up!

bull fighting

You’ve gotta be tough to ride bulls. It’s called the toughest sport on dirt for good reason. It’s an adrenaline packed extreme sport where cowboys get bloodied, bruised and broken but they get out there and give it another and another go – hence the term ‘cowboy up’. You also learn to cowboy up when you’re mustering. It’s nothing to return from a muster worse for wear. I’ve seen a fellow rider chasing cattle, gallop into barbwire in the growing dark and be thankful it tore his leg and not his horse. Another friend knew she’d broken her arm after smashing into a rail during a muster, but she brought the cattle in before she gave it any attention. After a hard fall off a bucking horse, I lay on the ground unable to move, gritting my teeth thinking, ‘I’ve got to get back on that horse!’

Adrenaline pumps us full of energy and gives us the umph to ‘cowboy up’, but what about after the adrenaline’s gone? Where do we get the strength to ‘cowboy up’ then?

The first part of Romans 15:5 lets us know that God is the source of our endurance and encouragement. When we feel like throwing it all down, we can ‘cowboy up’ because God encourages us. He helps us stay strong and endure. He is our adrenaline source. You’ve gotta go to the source to get the goods, so lets go to God so we can ‘Cowboy up!’ through the tough times.

Thank You Father that You are the one who encourages us and gives us endurance. I come to You, the Source, so I will have what it takes to ‘cowboy up’ each day. Amen

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