Hope Rising


Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God. Psalm 43:5

The Christmas letters came each year – little Jonathan was excelling in everything, from burping after feeds to toilet training to Prep School. Through Primary and High School, Jonathan’s church, sporting and academic achievements glowed from the pages of family news. Then one year, the annual letters were replaced by just a card. The next year, no card. What do you write about when Jonathan has dropped out of school, is drug dependant and has had a string of intimate relationships? His parents’ once proud, aspiration-filled hearts now tremble, constantly pummelled by the tormentor: failure. What did they do wrong? The son they lived for, prayed for and still love so much, is separated from them and God.

Cheeky is getting on for a horse. Her third foal took a lot out of her so the foal was weaned early. Poor, listless, missing her foal, Cheeky wandered the paddock for a few weeks, looking like a dejected has-been. Then we put the saddle on her and immediately that old light shone from her strong eyes as if she was saying “Yes! Let’s get going. Show me the cattle.” That light was a wonderful sight… With a purpose in life again, hope rose in her heart and flicked the light switch on in her eyes. Have you stopped writing your Christmas letters? Are you feeling like a ‘has-been’, no longer needed or important, with regret and failure keeping you company? Re-discover your purpose. You were created by God, not just to be a spouse or parent. You are created for His pleasure. Your purpose is to enjoy being in relationship with Jesus. Saddle up again. Just for Jesus. You and Him.

I pray that once again, hope will leap in your heart and shine from your eyes as you know that you, just you, are important to Him.

P.S. Cheeky is retired from mustering and is now part of a wonderful ministry, whose motto is Healing Horses Helping Hurting Humans.

4 thoughts on “Hope Rising

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  2. Have you read ‘Hope Rising’ by Kim Meeder? True stories from Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch in Oregon, US. Awesome read. If you haven’t read it, do it! I have the second book too. You need some tissues though LOL.

    • Yes, I’ve read them both. She is such a good writer hey. I’m involved with Hope Reins, which is based on that ministry. You might have even met Kylie who runs it? She’s a school chappy too.

  3. Yes she does! I think I liked the first book the best though. Yes I’ve met them and have been out there once, am friends with one of Ruth’s nieces. I actually live in the area.

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