New Day

This day has never been before and will never happen again. It’s a brand new day on the earth.
In God’s company, how can this day be the same as any other? Walking with Jesus, no two days are the same. Holy Spirit empowered, how can it be boring, same old same old?
Today is fresh and new. So I won’t just try to “get through” today. My hand is in God’s mighty hand – He measures the oceans by handfuls and the sky with His hands! (Isaiah 40:12)
Whether it’s a day of walking through the valley of the shadow of death, or in green pastures beside still waters, I can rejoice because the hand that holds mine also made this day.

Today has never been before and will never come again. I can do something today that will bless others in 20 years time. How? Plant a seed that will grow. Our town enjoys the beauty of these Jacarandas because someone chose, on one of the new days of their life many years ago, to plant seeds.
What seed (physical or spiritual) will you plant today that will be blessing another person’s new day 20 years from now? Make a seed planting choice. Seize the day and go for it. Let it be for God’s glory.

Father, one of the most encouraging things in my life is that every day is new because of You
and You are in every new day. I love You!

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