What, then, shall we say in response to these things?
If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31

The horse is trapped where it doesn’t want to be. It races around frantically, first to one part of the valley looking for a way out, then to another and another. There’s a hand at work, closing off all the exits, one at a time, until the beast knows there is no escape. Confined, it turns. It steps towards a light, willing to face the unseen hand who has it snared. Now the proud animal stands in the full light. Here, its master sees the ugly growth on the horse’s side, and He pulls it off. The cuts and bruises He treats lovingly, soothing, bringing healing.

The horse sees it was wrong. It realises it was love closing off the exits. Why didn’t it come into this light long ago? That which he was so certain was a trap, was plainly a plan and protection, so it could be healed. Once each wound is tended, the master releases the horse into fresh pastures where it gallops and frolics in newfound strength, freedom and pleasure.

Feeling as though all your exits are being closed off? God is not your enemy. He has no intentions to harm you. You have no reason to be afraid. Step into the amazing, wonderful, healing light of His truth. He will heal your wounds and you will be free – free indeed.

I stop running and stand with courage in Your presence Lord. I invite Your healing and the light of Your truth to break through any darkness in me. Amen

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