Pull up a log


He says, “Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10

Run through the bush and you wont see or hear much. Pull up a log and sit quietly for a while and the bush comes to life: finches flitting from branch to branch, goannas sauntering over their territory, butterflies and moths darting around, leaves drifting to join the ground cover, wind bending branches and dancing with the leaves, energetic tadpoles in a still pond, trickling cool water heading to the creek, clouds dotting the sky like sheep going to water. The seams in your face will soften as your breathing slows and deepens (except when a pesky march fly lands!). When we are still, that’s when God will write on our heart as only He can.

We can’t all nick off to the bush every day and sit on a log but we can find our own metaphoric ‘log’ – a place to be still. Not idling, like we do at traffic lights, waiting for green so we can go go go again. Still. Stationary. Stopped.

Being still goes against the grain. In our flat strap lifestyles, often our time with God is minimal and our rushed prayer is more likely to be, “listen Lord, your servant is speaking”, than “speak Lord, your servant is listening”. If we want God to speak, we need to stop and listen. Race through life and we won’t see or hear much. Even a small revelation from the Bible can change our direction and day. It sure is worth stopping to listen.

Lord, I am not good at being still. Even when my body is still my heart and mind are often racing. Help me learn the habit of being still so I can receive the wonderful blessing of hearing Your voice. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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